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How does UV laser cut MEMS wafers

May 20 , 2021

How does UV laser cut MEMS wafers


      MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) is a micro-electro-mechanical system, generally composed of micro-mechanical structure, micro-sensor, micro-actuator and control circuit. MEMS is a chip that realizes the conversion between different energy forms through semiconductor technology.


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      The dicing method of MEMS wafers is different from the dicing of typical ICs. A typical IC grinding wheel scribing is accomplished by the high-speed rotation of the grinding wheel blade to complete the material removal, thereby realizing chip cutting. Due to the high-speed rotation of the blade, it is often necessary to use pure water for cooling and flushing. The pressure and torque generated by the high-speed rotation of the blade, the impact force generated by the flushing of pure water, and the pollution caused by the cut Si chips are all likely to affect the machinery in the MEMS chip. The microstructure causes irreversible damage. Therefore, the grinding wheel dicing of a typical IC is not suitable for the dicing of MEMS wafers.



      As a solution for laser cutting wafers, laser stealth cutting can avoid the problems of grinding wheel scribing. Invisible laser cutting is to optically reshape a single pulse of a pulsed laser, allowing it to pass through the surface of the material and focus inside the material. The energy density in the focal area is higher, forming a multi-photon absorption nonlinear absorption effect, which makes the material modified to form cracks. Each laser pulse acts at equal distances to form equidistant damage to form a modified layer inside the material. In the modified layer, the molecular bonds of the material are broken, and the connection of the materials becomes fragile and easy to separate. After the cutting is completed, the product is fully separated by stretching the carrier film, and a gap is generated between the chip and the chip. This processing method avoids damage caused by direct mechanical contact and pure water washing. At present, the laser stealth cutting technology can be applied to sapphire/glass/silicon and various compound semiconductor wafers.

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