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Iphone12 earphones and chargers use RFH UV laser for longer marking

Jun 10 , 2021

Iphone12 earphones and chargers use RFH UV laser for longer marking

RFH strives to create UV lasers to make the processing of plastic charger heads more precise

Shenzhen UV laser marking machine manufacturers choose RFH lasers for a reason


As soon as the news that the new Iphone 12 is no longer equipped with earphones and chargers was released, major social media was maxed out. Many people join in the excitement to express their opinions, and real doers have discovered unusual business opportunities. On the plastic charging head of mobile phones, we must engrave the brand text and various precautions and configurations of the charging head.


The upcoming expansion of the production of chargers also allows the development of laser marking charging head technology. As a leader in the solid-state laser industry, the nanosecond solid-state ultraviolet laser manufactured by Shenzhen RFH Company for 13 years can mark the plastic charger head, which can make text and patterns engraved on its surface, and clear text and lifelike logos can be displayed on the plastic charger head. The specified position appears accurately. In the process of use, the marked text can not be blurred and distorted during air oxidation and finger rubbing, making the use of the plastic charger head more long-lasting.

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For marking on plastic charger heads, please lock in the S9 series of UV lasers created by RFH! Made with ingenuity, the effect is remarkable. Make the processing of the plastic charger head more accurate, better and faster!

Quality creates the brand! Shenzhen, a company that specializes in the production of UV laser marking machines, has seen that peers are using RFH brand lasers, and the marking effect is beautiful and exquisite, and compared with ink, it has low energy consumption, long life, easy operation, and can It is widely used in various pipes, plastic films, plastic bottle caps and other materials like PPR, PVC, PE, etc. Therefore, visit directly and bring samples for proofing.


We met this Friday to meet and exchange ideas and look forward to seeing customers!


Laser marking is to use a beam of high-energy light to burn the surface of the object to be marked to form traces, which is also a mark. At the beginning, some people questioned, wouldn't such a high laser energy burn things? No, as long as we control the beam energy within a certain range. Ultraviolet laser is the mainstream marking equipment with this effect.


To have a stable and fine marking effect, the laser must first be stable enough. For example, RFH’s Expert Ⅱ 355nm UV laser has superior and stable beam quality (M2<1.2), which is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; at the same time, its pulse width is short (<14ns@30K), and its spot characteristics (spot ellipticity>90 %), can guarantee the fine marking effect. Then, it has to be long-lived and durable. After all, the price of UV lasers is not cheap, and laser marking is an industry with small profits but quick turnover. Therefore, only lasers that are durable are really good lasers.


In addition to stable performance, RFH's UV laser has another characteristic, which is durability. This characteristic is the result of 13 years of dedicated RFH expert team. We have established a top-level laser R&D team composed of professors, experts, and PhDs at home and abroad, and set up an application process R&D department, a laser R&D department, and an electrical R&D department to continuously innovate and optimize product quality, so we have today’s series High-end quality lasers.


In the past 13 years, we have repeatedly obtained national patent certificates, computer software copyright certificates, and certificates such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise", and "Software Enterprise Certification Certificate". The Innovation Alliance and the Guangdong Laser Industry Association were appointed as the governing units. At the same time, they have won high recognition and good reputation from users in all walks of life at home and abroad, and have established an excellent brand image in the nanosecond laser industry.

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