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Laser cutting is the future development direction of lithium battery processing

May 21 , 2021

Laser cutting is the future development direction of lithium battery processing


      Laser cutting technology is the future development direction of lithium battery processing. Laser cutting technology has the characteristics of controllable processing, high efficiency, and high quality. It has a very broad application in the industrial processing of lithium batteries. Laser technology is becoming the optimal solution for lithium battery processing. Lithium batteries, as the power engine of new energy vehicles, determine the endurance and mileage of new energy vehicles. The quality of their craftsmanship directly affects the performance of the new energy vehicle market. To this end, companies are also trying to use more advanced processing technology, such as laser technology, to improve the performance of power batteries.


uv laser

      The lithium battery processing process requires high accuracy, controllability and the quality of the processing machine. In the process of use, the die cutter will inevitably wear out, and then drop dust and produce burrs, which may cause dangerous problems such as battery overheating, short circuit, and explosion. In order to avoid danger, it is more suitable to use laser for processing. Compared with traditional machining, laser has the advantages of no tool wear, flexible cutting shape, edge quality control, higher accuracy and lower operating cost.



      The production of lithium-ion batteries is closely linked by one process step. Generally speaking, the production of lithium batteries includes three parts: pole piece manufacturing, battery cell manufacturing, and battery assembly. In these three major processes, laser cutting is one of the key processes. Lithium batteries, as the core components of new energy vehicles, directly determine the performance of the entire vehicle. With the gradual explosion of the new energy vehicle market, laser cutting machines will have great market potential in the future.

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