3W,5W,10W uv laser

Laser cutting technology and Laser marking technology

Mar 23 , 2021

Laser cutting technology and Laser marking technology

Soon after its naissance, laser is regarded as “tool of solution” . Scientists have realized from the very beginning that laser – the strange object – will become the most important technology in this era. Till now, laser has influenced human life dramatically by its decades’ primary application.

uv laser

Laser marking (carving) technology


Laser marking (carving) technology is the most applied technology in laser processing field. Laser marking (carving) is a marking method to use local irradiation of high-energy density laser to generate chemical reactions like vaporization and color change in the material surface in order to form a permanent marker. It can make any characters, symbols and patterns, with size from millimeter to micron, which is significant in products’ anti-counterfeiting.


The ultra fine focused laser beam is just like a cutting tool which can remove objects’ surface material point by point. Its advancemen

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