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Laser Wire Marking ,New Trends in Cable Printing

Feb 23 , 2021


Wire marking is an essential activity catered to by the ever growing laser wire marking industry. But what is wire marking? Why has it become a need to mark our wires? How is it done and why is laser the best way to do it? If you are looking for answers to these questions, we wish to help you on your journey.

Today’s buildings are running all sorts of different equipment. Hospitals are running MRI machines and ventilators, factories are running manufacturing equipment and houses are running washing machines and televisions. To allow for these machines to operate, and in turn us humans to function, we need wires and cables. They help get the electricity in and send a signal in or out. With the immense amount of wiring in place, it can be a tedious task to organize them. Also, hooking the wrong wires can also have catastrophic effects. Consequently, wire marking is a simple yet effective method to overcome the troubles of the otherwise wiggly world of wiring.

What Is Wire Marking?

Essentially, wire marking is labelling wires with information about them when one installs them. This important information helps us not only during installation but also when we work on or around the wires and cables in the future. The activity of installing wires with labels and recording them accordingly, or planning before installation, may add up to additional work. However, it will save a significant time and effort down the line. It is like having a battle plan. You will be prepared to address any issues and take up any fights your wires may throw at you.

Why Is Wire Marking Needed?


To keep a facility up and running, there are a multitude of wires laid out. A vast majority of these are electrical wires, some of which are carrying high voltage currents. To handle them correctly is not a matter of choice as mishandling can have grave consequences. With incorrect labelling, there is a high probability of accidentally cutting or unplugging the wrong wires, which can be hazardous. Incorrectly cutting a hot wire may lead to electr

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