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Long service life of RFH UV laser for laser marking machine

Jan 14 , 2021

RFH ultraviolet laser has little thermal effect, suitable for laser marking machine


Today, if you want to list which processes use ultraviolet lasers, it is really not complete for three days and three nights, because there are thousands of materials that use ultraviolet lasers for marking, such as electronic components, integrated circuits, Glass products, auto parts, plastic products, cables, hoses, etc. Although it is impossible to list these materials one by one, we can talk about why the marking process of these materials uses ultraviolet lasers.

uv laser

The reason is that the markings of these materials, such as logo patterns, text, numbers, two-dimensional codes, barcodes, etc., are very delicate, which requires the "knife" to be marked to be very, very thin. After years of application and competition, UV lasers with ultra-fine focused spots and minimal processing heat-affected zones won out, gradually occupying the precision marking market and becoming the main "carving knife".


An industrial zone in Chang'an Town, Dongguan is a well-known electronic component marking and processing industrial park. There are a total of 6 UV laser marking machine companies engaged in UV laser marking processing. The same thing is that part of their laser marking equipment uses RFH's high-end UV solid-state pulse laser Expert Ⅱ355 series, which is the "Shooter" series of UV lasers with a good reputation in the industry.


RFHExpert Ⅱ 355 series of ultraviolet diode pumped pulsed solid-state lasers, the power range is 3.0w-5.0w, the pulse width is short (<14ns@30K), the beam quality is superior (M2<1.2), and the spot characteristics are perfect (spot ellipticity> 90%). And it is an integrated design, which is very suitable for fine marking of electronic components and other materials, especially high-speed assembly line online marking, because its beam quality parameters are strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges, even for long-term continuous Processing and marking quality is still guaranteed. Moreover, it also has a unique Q-switching control technology, which is suitable for a variety of laser application control needs, a true multi-purpose machine.


Another feature of Expert Ⅱ series ultraviolet lasers is praised by manufacturers and users, that is its service life. This is due to the RFH R&D team and rigorous production and assembly procedures. RFH’s R&D team is composed of professors, experts, and doctors at home and abroad. This is also the reason for the stable performance of RFH lasers. In terms of production and assembly processes, we are very rigorous, from procurement and quality control before production to assembly, Finished product testing, warehousing quality inspection, and then to pre-delivery testing, all are strictly controlled to ensure stable quality and consistency of equipment parameters with actual operating parameters.


Because of this "craftsman spirit", RFH can provide the industry with lasers with excellent performance and service life. Because of this, RFH has won high recognition and good reputation from users in all walks of life at home and abroad, and established an excellent brand image.

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