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Nanosecond UV laser marking sports equipment clear, anti-corrosive, wear-resistant and not fall off

Jul 27 , 2021

Nanosecond UV laser marking sports equipment clear, anti-corrosive, wear-resistant and not fall off


Now is the era of national fitness. For most young men and women, fitness has become a fashion. Fitness can not only lose weight, but also benefit the body and mind. When you walk out of the work area with exhaustion, you will have a good time. The dripping exercise can be regarded as a method of decompression and burden reduction. This is also the way most young people choose to relax as social pressure increases.


Whether you are in the gym or your own home, you have to carry sports equipment for exercise. It ranges from abdomen wheels, grips, skipping ropes, yoga balls, to running bikes, waist beauty machines, exercise bikes, etc., in this category is abundant. Fitness equipment, without exception, has a variety of product information and manufacturer brand LOGO, so how did these come from?

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The development of stainless steel laser marking machine has perfected the deficiency of fitness equipment marking. Traditional fitness equipment engraving mostly chooses ink spraying method. After a period of time, product information gradually wears out and fonts gradually peel off, which greatly affects the quality of the product. Even some unscrupulous merchants use special methods to remove ink and tamper with product brands, which infringes the rights and interests of regular brands to a large extent. Therefore, more and more manufacturers choose laser engraving machines and the product handwriting patterns marked by laser engraving machines. It is clear, anti-corrosive, wear-resistant, and does not fall off, preventing the infringement of fake and inferior brands from the root cause.




◆ Wide application range, can engrave metal materials and some non-metal materials


◆ High precision, line width can be as small as 10μm, used for fine processing


◆ Simple operation and long life


◆ Beautiful marking effect, improve product grade and added value

◆ No pollution, no consumables, energy saving and environmental protection


Metals, alloys and oxides, ABS, epoxy resins, inks, etc., are widely used in electronic components, electrical appliances, jewelry, glasses, hardware, auto parts, communication products, plastic buttons, integrated circuits (IC), sanitary ware, Measuring tools, clocks, watches, glasses, electrical appliances, electronic components, accessories, hardware tools, mobile phone communication parts, automobile and motorcycle accessories, plastic products, etc.

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