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Picosecond laser cutting machine helps the development of thin-film solar cells

May 18 , 2021

Picosecond laser cutting machine helps the development of thin-film solar cells


       Among all solar thin-film battery materials, CIGS (copper indium gallium selenium) battery has the highest absorption coefficient for visible light, and the consumption of raw materials is much lower than that of traditional crystalline silicon solar cells. Compared with high-efficiency and high-cost crystalline silicon solar cells and low-efficiency and low-cost amorphous silicon solar cells, CIGS solar cells have the multiple advantages of high efficiency, low cost, and long life. They are the most promising high-efficiency for reducing the cost of photovoltaic power generation. Thin-film solar cells, and they can make full use of my country's abundant indium resources, are a renewable energy technology suitable for China's national conditions that truly comply with the provisions of national regulations and encouragement, and have broad development prospects.

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       The picosecond laser cutting machine has a very short pulse width, only a few picoseconds, and has a high peak power. It is very suitable for etching and scribing solar thin-film battery materials. When it interacts with the material, the etched part has little thermal effect, resulting in a "cold" processing effect, avoiding unnecessary heat effects, no heat-affected zone, and smooth edges, so The picosecond laser can be used for high-precision processing. The picosecond laser has a wavelength ranging from infrared to ultraviolet, and can handle a wide range of materials, which is suitable for processing applications in many occasions.



       From a global perspective, the combination of solar energy technology and various fields is vigorous. From high value-added fields such as construction, automobiles, consumer electronics to satellites, thin-film solar energy has allowed mankind to see the infinite possibilities of future energy. With its excellent processing capabilities, the picosecond laser cutting machine will have a very high market prospect in the field of solar thin-film battery processing.

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