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RFH 15W High Power UV Laser Scribing Wafers

Mar 03 , 2023

RFH 15W High Power UV Laser Scribing Wafers

Wafer is the purification of silicon element. Pure silicon is made into growing silicon crystal rod, which becomes a quartz semiconductor material widely used in various fields. After multiple processes, it is cut into wafers and made into silicon wafers. Wafers are used in many high-tech products, especially in the field of electronic products.


At a recent laser technology exchange conference, the appearance of RFH high-power ultraviolet lasers attracted many people's attention. On site, RFH high-power UV lasers showed their charm through sample processing on wafers.

First of all, RFH UV laser can eliminate some unnecessary mechanical stress in machining and avoid material damage or deformation when cutting.


Secondly, because it uses camera positioning, it can also achieve the level of rapid cutting, and it can be formed at one time without opening the mold. On-site, the scribing by the UV laser takes only a few seconds with precision.


In addition, the UV laser marker is a machine that uses cold light laser for marking, and because of its small precision gathering light source and small processing heat-affected zone, it will not cause thermal effects and material burnt problems, and perfectly avoids heat Processing damage to materials, reducing material damage, reducing production costs, and improving processing quality. The size of the wafer is small, and the accuracy of the ultraviolet laser can reach about 0.2mm, which fully meets the scribing standard of the wafer, and the manufacturers present are all paying attention.


The display of RFH's high-power ultraviolet laser has brought RFH's orders to a higher level, and more manufacturers are willing to cooperate with RFH. RFH will also always face the vast number of customers with diligent research and development and a sincere attitude, and continue to move forward to become a top laser technology enterprise in China.

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