3W,5W,10W uv laser

RFH 3W 5W 10W UV laser cuts the edge of the glass film without blackening

Mar 04 , 2023

RFH 3W5W10W UV laser cuts the edge of the glass film without blackening


laser cutting glass

What is glass film?


The glass film is so important, so we need to know how to give the glass film.


As a very important process in glass production, glass film is to cover some adhesive films with specific functions on the glass surface, and a "glass film machine" is needed at this time.


▼Glass film machine

Although the glass film in industrial production is not much different from the mobile phone film in essence, the precision of the film in industrial production is much higher than that of daily film.


More importantly, the process of glass film needs to have the process of cutting the glass film. The traditional glass film cutting is done by pulling film cutting equipment. This cutting technology is very inefficient, and the efficiency of laser cutting film is much higher than that of pulling film. cutting technique.


RFH laser perfectly cuts glass film:


The use of laser to cut glass film is not only efficient, but also cost-saving. It has double advantages and has become the new favorite of industrial production.


▼RFH laser cutting glass film


RFH S9 series lasers have precise power consumption control and extremely high precision. When cutting glass film, they can achieve one-time cutting, accurate cutting and fast cutting.

One cut:


When using traditional stretch film cutting equipment, the glass film can only be cut horizontally, which results in at least two cuts for each film processing, which can no longer meet the efficient requirements of modern industrial production.


The RFH S9 series laser is used to process the film in one step. Through complete digital control, the remote computer can adjust the parameters to meet the pattern and size of one-time cutting.


Precise cut:


The RFH S9 series laser has an ultra-high cutting accuracy of ±0.02mm, and it is no longer a problem to meet the detailed processing requirements. More importantly, the precise control of power consumption of RFH S9 series lasers can keep the cutting edge from blackening when cutting glass film, which is impossible for traditional processing techniques.


Quick Cut:


While satisfying higher precision cutting, the RFH S9 series laser can complete the cutting work more quickly. The non-contact processing method of laser is used properly, which can leave a large amount of expenses for the enterprise.


In addition to the above features, RFH S9 series lasers also have great advantages in small size and highly integrated industrial design. The compact size saves space and saves processing costs in disguise.


Because of the high level of integration, the installation is very simple, saving space and time, and it can be used immediately without having to enlarge the optical path. This is also a huge advantage.


Because of RFH's continuous breakthroughs in the laser field and 15 years of unremitting research and development, today's laser technology is very mature. With the support of a number of patents, RFH has a strong technical team support and has a leading position in the industry.


Years of hard work and continuous upgrading of technology has not become RFH's love for the industry. It has taken a step within its capabilities for the popularization of laser technology, and it is steady and steady, providing efficient solutions for enterprises.

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