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RFH green laser for PCB circuit board laser cutting and splitting machine

Jan 13 , 2021

RFH green laser for PCB circuit board laser cutting and splitting machine


PCB circuit board laser cutting and splitting machine customers, the first cooperation is to place an order for 5 RFH green lasers

PCB, also known as printed circuit board, is a miniature electronic circuit. Its development history in our country is mainly in the past ten years. Coincidentally, RFH laser was also established at that time. For more than ten years, the market demand for PCB circuit boards has been rising, whether it is front-end mobile phones and tablets, or terminal routers, base stations, or back-end supercomputers. Along with the increase in quantity demand, there is also technical demand. It is obvious that PCB circuit boards are getting smaller and smaller.

green laser

However, the smaller the size of the PCB circuit board, the more difficult it is to process, and the price of my country's PCB circuit board is still lower, which requires manufacturers to continuously improve manufacturing technology to improve product performance and production efficiency, thereby maintaining market competitiveness.


Cutting technology is one of the technologies that most PCB circuit board manufacturers want to improve. Currently, UV lasers and green lasers are the mainstream cutting equipment. However, the brands of lasers used by manufacturers are different. This is because some circuit boards look rough and some look finer. There are many rough processes, and the fine processes must be first-class.


A factory in Dongguan has first-class craftsmanship. The factory used five fully automatic PCB circuit board laser splitters. For the first time, they purchased five RFH high-quality green pulse solid-state lasers. RFH high-quality green pulsed solid-state laser has superior beam quality (M2<1.2) and pulse width <12ns@40k that are strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges. Therefore, the heat-affected area during processing is small, and the PCB is cut The circuit board is neat and has no burrs, burns, no black edges, easy mass production of fine finished products.


In addition to cutting PCB circuit boards, the 35W RFH green pulsed solid-state laser can do more, because it has a unique Q-switching control technology developed by the RFH top laser R&D team composed of professors and doctors from Tsinghua University. Laser application control needs, and it is an integrated design to facilitate equipment integration.



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