3W,5W,10W uv laser

Using RFH 532nm green laser to laser mark on ceramic knife

Jan 15 , 2021

532 green laser is used to laser mark on ceramic knife

With brand strength, RFH green laser is recommended by a peer of a ceramic knife supplier

 green laser

Using RFH 532nm green laser to laser mark on ceramic knife enables the pattern on it to be very clear and doesn’t affect its normal cutting performance. This maximizes the brand quality and the delicacy of the ceramic knife.


Today, RFH is going to share the case of a ceramic knife supplier whose peer recommends RFH 10W 532nm green laser to him. 


As we all know, marking on a ceramic knife adopts a laser marking technique. The whole marking process on the ceramic knife is so simple and generally takes a few seconds to finish. But this seemingly “simple” process needs to be supported by a well-established technique.And that is a laser system with exceptional laser beam quality and its accessories. An excellent laser is the basis of 99% yield of laser marking product and the solid-state green laser produced by RFH with 13-year experience is the perfect example. 


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