3W,5W,10W uv laser

RFH ultraviolet laser guards the safety line of medical capsule marking production

Jan 20 , 2021

RFH ultraviolet laser guards the safety line of medical capsule marking production, and prevents bad merchants from shoddy

RFH ultraviolet laser, medical capsule marking

"New generation" is a word that many manufacturers in many industries will add when they promote a certain technology or product. Indeed, many of the current technological processes have undergone drastic changes compared to the previous ones. Many products and activities do not require "physical objects", such as electronic payment and product information marking. Today, RFH Laser Editor will introduce to you a new generation of product information marking technology that does not require "physical objects"-laser marking.

 uv laser

The marking industry to be illustrated this time is pharmaceutical capsules. I believe everyone has seen medicinal capsules. There are two types: hard capsules and soft capsules. For the marking process, hard capsules are also relatively soft. Therefore, before the application of laser marking technology, it was very difficult to mark

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