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UV laser marking plastic phone case

Jan 21 , 2021

FH UV laser marking plastic phone case

RFH UV laser cold light sources are mostly used for laser marking of plastic mobile phone cases


Thanks to "Double Eleven", in November this year, sales of smart phones in my country were still high. According to relevant data, the total sales of the top three brands are 20 million units, and the total sales of the top six brands are 30 million units. Have you and your friends changed new ones? Share the new equipment with RFH Laser Editor.

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Today's smart phones are really exquisite in workmanship, with more powerful camera functions, more advanced and waterproof screens, and their appearance looks very colorful. This exquisiteness is inseparable from advanced laser technology. Outside of the mobile phone alone, there are screens, camera protection lenses, HOME buttons, mobile phone cases, etc., with laser cutting or marking technology applied. Next, I will take the information mark on the phone case as an example to introduce you to the application of laser technology.


At present, most of the UV laser equipment used for marking plastic mobile phone cases is "cold processing" UV laser equipment. Moreover, with the improvement of process requirements, not all UV lasers can be put on the industrial line. Only the laser can take on the important task. For example, the nanosecond ultraviolet laser of RFH laser.


The 3W-5W Expert Ⅱ 355 series of UV diode pumped pulsed solid-state lasers of RFH laser are common equipment on the automatic marking and processing production line of smart phones. Its pump and Q switch core components are imported brands, and the parts are supplied by domestic first-line brands. The research and development and debugging of the entire laser system are controlled by the RFH doctoral team. Therefore, it has many very excellent qualities: beam quality It is not only superior (M2<1.2), but also strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; pulse width <20ns@30k, the heat-affected area during processing is very small, and no material scorching problem will occur, so it has a fine impact on the smartphone shell The improvement of the standard process is far more than aesthetics, but also quality; low power consumption and long service life.


It also contains the fully digital intelligent power control technology independently developed by the RFH PhD team. It is well known that there is a one-to-one correspondence between the power supply and the laser. The stability of the power control system determines whether the laser can maximize its performance during operation. RFH's self-developed all-digital intelligent power control technology can update the power control system functional modules in time, and improve the functional modules according to laser requirements, and always ensure the stable operation of the entire laser system. Of course, it is still a "all-rounder", it is also an integrated design, which is convenient for equipment integration, and contains unique Q-switching control technology, which is suitable for various laser application control needs and has multiple functions.


It is possible because RFH Laser has been able to-12 years of hard work, has accumulated rich professional nanosecond laser research and development and manufacturing technology. Because of its capabilities, RFH Laser has won high recognition and good reputation from users in all walks of life at home and abroad, and has established an excellent brand image in the nanosecond laser industry.

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