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S9 UV solid-state laser marks on the LED plastic shell without blurring

Jun 07 , 2021

S9 UV solid-state laser marks on the LED plastic shell without blurring

Ultraviolet laser high-precision engraving of intelligent building intercom system LED plastic panel

S9 UV laser allows users to achieve fine marking without having to make a large optical path



LED plastic shells exist in all aspects of our lives, for example, they are widely used in smart intercom systems and switches. The use of the LED plastic shell can ensure that the switches attached to it are well protected and will not be easily damaged or broken.


The high-precision 355nm ultraviolet solid-state laser developed and produced by RFH can mark the LED plastic shell and engrave the required text and pattern. In addition to the controllable size and shape of the engraved text, it can also ensure that there are more texts and they will never overlap in a small area to make it unclear. And even in the long-term use, the text on the LED plastic shell will never be blurred and distorted, so that users do not have to worry about losing guidelines or instructions, which can extend the life of the product and effectively guarantee the quality of the product.

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Yesterday, in the RFH order, a manufacturer specializing in the production of intelligent building intercom systems purchased a batch of S9 ultraviolet lasers, which are mainly used for marking on LED plastic shells.


"Small size", "±0.002mm high precision", "high power stability", and "high cost performance" are the core advantages of RFH S9 UV lasers.


RFH UV laser S9 has a smaller size and more stable performance

According to market development needs, RFH's newly launched S9 series pulsed ultraviolet solid-state lasers in 2020 are smaller in size, more exquisite in design, and more stable in light output than similar products. The small and exquisite design means that users do not need to make a large optical path, which can greatly reduce costs, save space, and have good mobility. It is easy to install in the field of equipment such as flying marking. The S9 ultraviolet laser is not only compact, but also has a more stable cavity structure and stronger scalability than similar products. The same cavity can produce lasers of different powers, and the stability of different power ranges is greatly improved.


RFH UV laser S9 has stable quality and stronger competitiveness

For machine manufacturers, a good solid-state laser can effectively improve production efficiency and provide terminal equipment with stronger market competitiveness. The new product series of RFH pulsed ultraviolet solid-state laser S9 has a laser wavelength of 354.7nm and a wide range of repetition frequency (single pulse to 200kHz), which can be absorbed by the material and is less destructive to the material. And it has superior beam quality (M2<1.2), which is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; pulse width is <20ns@30k, and the heat-affected area is small during processing.

RFH UV laser S9 has full digital intelligent control function

S9 series UV lasers also have unique Q-switching control technology, full digital intelligent power control, simple operation, low cost of hands-on, and suitable for various laser application control needs; the internal cavity self-purification system makes the laser long life, stable operation, and low Maintenance costs. We fully consider the convenience of machine control in the workshop, so the laser also supports communication with the computer, and the laser can be controlled externally through RS232.

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