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The difference between green laser, blue laser, 355nm uv laser and fiber laser

Jun 28 , 2022

The difference between green laser, blue laser, 355nm uv laser and fiber laser


We all know that there are many kinds of laser sources in the current market for laser applications. Their application scope is different, their goals are different, and their processing objects are different. Today, Tianhong Laser Xiaobian will tell you about it. Talk about the differences between them.




The Difference Between Blue, Green, Ultraviolet and Fiber Lasers



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The common wavelength of blue light and green light is 532nm. Their light spot is small and the focal length is shorter. They belong to the cold processing mode and play an irreplaceable role in precision cutting, especially in the processing fields of glass, ceramics, jewelry, glasses and other industries. They can be seen.




The commonly used wavelength of ultraviolet laser is 355nm. The products of this wavelength are all-rounder, and its light spot is also very small. Due to the special UM wavelength, it has the title of all-rounder in the traditional processing field. Laser marking, laser cutting, and laser welding can be used. Seeing his figure, it can do what the fiber laser can't do. It can also do what the CO2 laser can't process. It performs well in precision cutting. It can achieve burr-free cutting for fine and ultra-thin metal products. Neat and smooth, fast speed, low energy consumption and other advantages.




The commonly used wavelength of fiber laser cutting machine is 1064nm. It is common in the field of traditional laser marking machine engraving and cutting, and it is also one of the pioneers of the entire industry. I am afraid that only it knows how many industry tops it has achieved and how many industry problems it has solved! At present, the industry has developed a 20,000-watt laser cutting machine, which can cut materials with a thickness of 50MM. It has completely replaced the traditional wire cutting technology. This is a new achievement in the field of lasers. The future road is still moving forward step by step, never ending. .

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