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The RFH 532 green laser is used to make glass, and the effect of not bursting is so good that it is shocking

Jul 27 , 2021

The RFH 532 green laser is used to make glass, and the effect of not bursting is so good that it is shocking

It's better to be famous than to meet! Glass customers personally understand the marking effect of RFH green laser

The 35W green laser makes the glass high-definition whitening, making customers fall in love with it


As a common material in daily life, glass constantly penetrates into our lives, and people can play more and more tricks on glass. Mark the required patterns and characters on the glass, making it a glass artwork or glass utensil, which is more beautiful in use.


After hearing about the outstanding achievements of RFH green lasers in glass marking, glass manufacturers from Hubei came to the RFH headquarters to learn about the details of green lasers.

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For this manufacturer, laser marking is a relatively unfamiliar field, so when he saw the green laser marking process with his own eyes, he was shocked by this small but fast machine. The green laser marker covers a wide range of repetition frequency, has superior beam quality, and has strict guarantees in all frequency ranges, which also pave the way for it to become a stable marking machine.


In the marking process, the heat-affected area of ​​the glass surface is small. A series of mobile markings made under the self-developed control technology can perform fine markings on the glass surface without damaging the glass itself. The problem of dust flying in glass processing that manufacturers are worried about is no longer worried after seeing the marking process. Green lasers are environmentally friendly and green products. A series of problems such as dust flying will not occur during the marking process. Dust-free production.


RFH's energy research and development and in-depth grasp of a series of parameters have made many customers who visited them fall in love with them. I believe that RFH's research and development level and achieving in-depth cooperation are the decisive choices of most manufacturers. RFH will continue to maintain its original intention in the future, with the goal of becoming a top laser technology company in China.

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