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Ultra-stable Nanosecond Laser high-precision marking of stainless steel

Sep 18 , 2021

Ultra-stable Nanosecond Laser high-precision marking of stainless steel


In 1999, Ann Marie Carey made a preliminary attempt to laser color marking on niobium bowls, making laser color marking of metal crafts and jewelry feasible.

Laser color marking makes the presentation effect of the pattern more diversified. The marked object bids farewell to the monochromatic color, the color hierarchy is enhanced, the image is lifelike, and the product quality is improved. It is an innovation to the traditional craftsmanship. Since then, the scope of application of laser color marking has continued to expand, and it has also become a new technological means to enhance the added value of products.

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RFH 355NM UV laser


The reason why human eyes can distinguish different colors is actually because when light shines on the surface of an object, it reflects light of different wavelengths. These different wavelengths of light are captured by the cells of the naked eye and processed by the brain to distinguish them. The feeling of different colors. Returning to stainless steel, the various colors that can be obtained after laser treatment are the same.


Laser color marking adds new colors to stainless steel


Analyzing the principle of color development of stainless steel from physical properties, the changes before and after laser processing of stainless steel are nothing more than three ways:

1. Generate colored oxides

2. Under the action of chemistry, electrochemistry or laser, a very thin colorless and transparent oxide film is formed on the surface of stainless steel. The oxide film produces interference effects and can show colors on the surface.

3. There is a mixed state of colored oxide and oxide film at the same time


Nanosecond UV laser marking


The stainless steel material for laser color marking will generate colored oxides on the surface under the action of the laser heat source, or a colorless and transparent oxide film will appear in various colors due to the light film interference effect. This is stainless steel color marking The basic principle is that under the action of laser, the surface of stainless steel has a laser thermal effect, and the laser energy is different, and the surface of stainless steel also shows different colors.

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