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Ultraviolet laser has obvious advantages, emerging demand market is growing

Aug 17 , 2022

Ultraviolet laser has obvious advantages, emerging demand market is growing


Laser beams often provide low-voltage alternatives to mechanical printed circuit board processing, such as milling or automated circuit board cutting. But UV lasers have a benefit that other lasers don't have, namely the ability to limit thermal stress. This is because most UV laser systems operate in a low power state.


By using a process sometimes referred to as "cold ablation", the beam of the UV laser creates a reduced heat-affected zone, which minimizes the effects of edge machining, carbonization, and other thermal stresses, while using higher power lasers These negative effects are usually present.


Ultraviolet lasers have shorter wavelengths than visible light and are therefore invisible to the naked eye. While you can't see these laser beams, it's these short wavelengths that allow UV lasers to be focused more precisely, producing extremely fine circuit characteristics while maintaining excellent positioning accuracy.


In addition to short wavelengths and cooler workpiece temperatures, the presence of high-energy photons in UV allows UV lasers to be applied to large PCB circuit board assemblies, from standard materials such as FR4 to high-frequency ceramic composites and flexible PCBs including polyimide Various materials such as material are applicable.


Ultraviolet lasers show extremely high absorptivity when applied to resins and copper, and moderate absorptivity when processing glass. Only expensive excimer lasers (wavelength 248nm) get better overall absorption when processing these primary materials.


This material difference makes UV lasers the best choice for a variety of PCB material applications in many industrial fields, from the production of the most basic circuit boards, circuit wiring, to advanced processes such as the production of pocket-sized embedded chips.


UV laser systems go directly from CAD data to processing circuit boards, meaning no middlemen are required in the circuit board production process. Combined with the precise focusing capabilities of the UV, UV laser systems can implement very specific solutions and repeat positioning.

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