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UV 3d laser machine engraves tourist souvenirs without fading

Sep 15 , 2021

UV 3d laser machine engraves tourist souvenirs without fading


Tourist souvenirs are unique to each place and unique. But many times we find that the homogeneity of tourist souvenirs is quite serious, which hinders the sale of souvenirs. In order to give a unique cultural atmosphere and show the unique characteristics of scenic spots, laser engraving machine is the choice that must be taken seriously.

Tourism is an important project that stimulates local economic development, and it is also a medium for publicizing national customs and culture to the outside world. For making meaningful souvenirs, you need to think carefully. The addition of laser engraving machine can inject characteristic elements and bid farewell to product homogeneity.

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355NM UV laser high precision engraving souvenir


Only need to draw the local unique objects or things or people on the computer software, and the laser engraving machine can work quickly and accurately along the route designed by the computer. The finished product image is lifelike, exquisite and beautiful, and it is an excellent souvenir. The fact that laser processing is convertible and not easy to imitate is being welcomed by more and more manufacturers.


Laser engraving machine for processing tourist souvenirs


Laser engraved souvenirs will not cause damage to the material, and the engraved patterns and characters will never wear out; the cutting surface is smooth and flat, not controlled by the shape, and any complex can be easily completed; time-saving, labor-saving, cost-saving, and the finished product is extremely Appreciation and collection value. Tourist souvenirs processed by laser engraving machine will be the favorite of tourists.

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