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UV laser cutting camera module, no burrs

Jun 02 , 2021

UV laser cutting camera module, no burrs

  The outbreak of the mobile phone camera module industry has created huge development space for small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to ensure the photographic effect of the camera, each camera product must maintain a high degree of consistency. In addition, special cutting fixtures are needed when cutting the bracket, and high-definition CCD may be used for positioning. To create such a precise product, high-precision laser cutting technology is undoubtedly the current market demand!


        As the circuit density and pitch of FPC flexible circuit boards continue to increase, and the contours of FPC graphics are becoming more and more complex, it makes it more and more difficult to make FPC molds. Laser cutting FPC adopts numerical control processing situation, no mold processing is needed, and mold opening cost can be saved. By concentrating high-beam quality laser beams into a very small spot, a high power density is formed at the focal point, so that the material to be cut is vaporized in an instant or Melt, and then rely on external force to remove the melt from the light action area, thereby forming a slit.

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