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Why picosecond laser cutting machine is the best choice for flexible circuit board cutting

Jun 02 , 2021

Why picosecond laser cutting machine is the best choice for flexible circuit board cutting


        Compared with the nanosecond laser cutting machine, the picosecond laser cutting machine has shorter pulse width and higher peak power, and the laser acts on the surface of the material for a shorter time, which can achieve better and finer processing effects and realize true cold processing. , Basically no charring, gradually becoming the mainstream choice.


        The picosecond laser cutting machine is suitable for the cutting and forming of cover film (CVL), flexible board (FPC), rigid-flex board (RF) and thin multilayer board. The advantages of the picosecond laser cutting machine are: 1. Real cold processing, basically no carbonization: the laser pulse width is less than 10ps, the carbonization range is very small, and the carbonization phenomenon is basically invisible. 2. The cutting effect is more refined: using small single pulse energy, high-frequency processing, fine carving, the processing surface is more refined and smooth, and the comprehensive processing accuracy is as high as ±20μm. 3. Double tables, zero loading and unloading time, high efficiency and faster speed: the repetition frequency of picoseconds is very high, up to megahertz, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. 4. Preview function before processing: to avoid scrapping the cutting board. 5. Two-dimensional code marking.

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