3W,5W,10W uv laser

uv laser diode engraved keychain, the guardian of your life

Sep 24 , 2021

uv laser diode engraved keychain, the guardian of your life


Keys play an important role in life

But almost everyone has accidentally lost it

Hardly ever recovered

Even if the kind-hearted person who picked up the key would return it

I can't contact the owner in time

Laser engraved keychain, turn on the key anti-lost mode


UV laser engraves any text you want


The magic of laser engraving is

Can be on the surface of a hard stainless steel keychain

Carve out any text you want

A mobile phone number, a license plate number

One sentence "Inadvertently lost, you must thank you when you return it."

Who said that if you lose a key, you can't lose it and regain it?


Laser engraved exquisite and unique patterns


Keychain is the art of living for storage

To help you enclose all the scattered keys

The keychain is also a crafted handicraft

On the back of the anti-lost keychain

You can also laser engrave exquisite and unique patterns

Infuse the original monotonous keychain with a living soul

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RFH UV laser engraving process


The keychain is a small object in life

No emotional support

But when the laser engraving process

After giving it the "anti-lost" attribute

It's no longer a simple keychain

It becomes flesh and blood

It is the "guardian" of your life

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