3W,5W,10W uv laser

uv laser engraver drilling high-density printed circuit boards

Nov 26 , 2021

uv laser engraver drilling high-density printed circuit boards


customer reviews


This is a VERY good starter laser engraver. I just got this last week and loving it. Very easy to put together. Most of all, so far I have got great support by emailing their support team. Very responsive and knowledgeable and truly interested in making you successful with the unit. I'm now testing with different settings. I would like to get a deeper cut with less burn, have not been able to master that yet. But certainly happy with the unit and works great. I'm using it mainly for circuit boards engraving of small projects (pens and crafts and carving I do as a hobby).


uv Laser drilling and cutting for PCB with no burrs and burnt

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