3W,5W,10W uv laser

UV laser engraving on rubber

Mar 29 , 2021

Stone laser engraving machines can engrave stone, granite, and tombstone. Stone laser engraving on stone produces a result similar to sandblasting or acid etching: a surface engraving that gives the impression that the stone has been bleached. Letters, photographs, and logos can be permanently printed on stone.

The stone laser engraving machine is placed directly over the stone but does not touch it. The highly focused beam of light hits and melts the surface. In other materials, layers are removed and evaporated to a consistent depth but stone does not turn gaseous easily, the lasers often create microscopic fractures, a process that separates the porous material and exposes natural grains. This creates a white surface.

Sometimes, there can be a consistent colourization change due to the reaction of released oxides to oxygen, though it is uncommon on stone

The best results are achieved with darker stones as they provide greater contrast. The most suitable materials are: Slate, Granite, Marble, Basalt. Air cooling is adequate for small engravings, but deep engravings require continuous lubrication.


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