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UV laser is suitable for cutting copper foil

Jun 04 , 2021

UV laser is suitable for cutting copper foil


Pure copper and brass are highly anti-metal materials, which have very low absorption rate for common wavelength lasers, and at the same time have good thermal conductivity. The absorbed heat will quickly diffuse around the processing area and affect the processing quality. Therefore, laser cutting of copper has always been a challenge for the industry to overcome.

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       Pure copper/red copper, which is a highly reflective material, basically cannot be cut with a CO2 laser beam. Fiber laser cutting copper, although the cutting effect is good, but because copper is a highly reflective material, the long-term effect of laser on these materials may affect the service life and result in poor follow-up processing results and increase the consumption of consumables.



      The difficulty of copper foil cutting is that the cutting edge has no carbonization, no burrs, and does not deform the copper foil, and realizes the roll-to-roll processing mode. The use of traditional laser cutting machines, such as fiber laser cutting machines, has large thermal effects and lower accuracy than UV laser cutting machines. The edges are severely carbonized, and the thermal effects of the edges will cause the copper foil to warp and deform. The processing mode of the UV laser cutting machine adopts the galvanometer scanning method, the bottom adopts vacuum adsorption, and the cold light source reduces the influence of heat, which can realize the perfect cutting of copper foil.

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