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What are the advantages of the 5W UV laser marking machine?

Oct 13 , 2021

What are the advantages of the 5W UV laser marking machine?


Nowadays, the general conditions of marking machines on the market include ultraviolet laser laser engraving machines, which are also one of the ultraviolet laser marking machines. The garden is also no different from some ultraviolet laser marking machines. In general, They are all on the surface of certain substances in order to leave permanent marks. Such machines have appeared on the market and have directly replaced some soldering work in the past, which has greatly improved the environment and efficiency.


355NM UV laser marking machine


So today we will mainly talk about all the advantages of the UV laser marking machine. First of all, it works by cold processing. During the processing, we can feel that its accuracy is very high and it can also emit. The infrared band machine light is different from ordinary marking machines. Under the same conditions, the shorter the wavelength, the smaller the focus and wave light will be, so that the mark will be smaller. In this way, it may be easier to understand, so the marking patterns or other logos are clearer and more detailed. In addition, ultraviolet light is a chemical element that can directly break the material. When it can be separated from the object, the impact on the material is reduced to a small amount, so it can be marked in a small area with good results. Quality will exceed expectations.


Ultraviolet laser marking machine has good spot spot effect


Secondly, this machine uses resin and copper to show the absorptivity. For many materials, it can have some absorptivity. It also includes glass. In addition, UV laser marking machine is compared with ordinary marking machine. In terms of its spotting effect, it will not damage the original material and the surface of the product being marked. It is also very good in terms of performance. I will also talk about which products it can be applied to, mainly including electronic originals. , Glass, medical packaging, etc. In short, there are still many applications in places, and the applications are still very wide.


Ultraviolet laser marking has little effect, high absorption rate, and is not easy to deform


After the successful research of the UV laser marking machine, it has been widely used in many processing plants and played an important role in the construction and development of materials. It combines various advantages, including small marking impact, high absorption rate, The advantages of not easily deforming, etc., have promoted the efficiency and quality rate of many factories to be significantly improved, and also solved many scientific problems. It is a very successful and popular machine.

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RFH uv laser


The above is some explanation of the advantages of UV laser marking machine. Such a machine really brings a lot of convenience to our lives. However, even the best machine will fail when it fails. We should not tout a product. When it is very high, it forgets the same sex that all matter exists.

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