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What is the cheapest and best place to get plastic, laser engraved?

May 13 , 2021

What is the cheapest and best place to get plastic, laser engraved?

The "right" answer to this question is going to depend on exactly what you need done. What you're describing is, for industrial manufacturers of things, still a relatively short run, and laser cutting/engraving is much like printing. The setup is the hard part, and the rest is largely about letting it run.

uv laser

Here are the sorts of questions you should be able to answer before you go shopping for a supplier: 

-What part or parts do you wish to have made? 

-What material(s) do you think you want engraved. (This is important to laser cutting because some plastics produce fumes that not all shops are comfortable working around.)

-How much of the project do you intend to do yourself? Can you supply the finished artwork in an appropriate format, or do you need some help from your supplier with finishing the graphic? 

-What is the purpose of the finished part? Are you trying to create something functional, or is it just going to be an award, gift or freebie? 

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