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Why is high power uv laser source so expensive and the introduction of cooling system

Jul 01 , 2022

Why is high power uv laser source so expensive and the introduction of cooling system


Many people have such a question about laser marking machines: optical fiber, green light, carbon dioxide, ultraviolet, mopa machine, the appearance does not look very different, but the laser light source is different, why is the ultraviolet laser marking machine so expensive, other types of light sources How come it's so much cheaper.


In fact, everyone should understand that the price gap is nothing more than the difference between configuration and post-maintenance. Below, RFH Laser briefly explains why UV opportunities are so expensive.


Ultraviolet laser marking machine is composed of ultraviolet laser, galvanometer, lens, industrial computer, control card, workbench case, electronic control device, power supply, red light, foot pedal, combined surgery mirror and other original components.


The wavelength of the laser is 355nm, which is more technically difficult, and the price of the laser marking machine is therefore more expensive.


Compared with other light sources, the galvanometer and lens of the UV laser marking machine have different coating thicknesses and materials, so they cannot be used universally. The galvanometer and lens of the UV machine are more expensive than other types of light sources.


On the other hand, UV laser marking machines have relatively higher environmental requirements, especially water-cooled lasers, which need to maintain a constant temperature, and the stability of UV laser marking machines is not as good as that of fiber laser marking machines, requiring manual after-sales help. , increasing labor and after-sales costs.

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There are two main reasons for the relatively high price of UV laser marking machines. On the one hand, the cost of spare parts is high, and on the other hand, it is manifested in labor costs. The stability and life of UV laser marking machines are not as good as other light sources. Provide after-sales fiber laser marking machine services, especially after a long time of use, the power of the ultraviolet laser decays relatively quickly, and the labor cost also rises.


Ultraviolet laser marking machine consists of ultraviolet laser, power supply system, galvanometer field mirror scanning system, marking software, computer and cooling system. Every component is essential, especially the cooling system, also known as chiller, cold water The machine is mainly used to control the temperature of the UV laser marking machine, so as to avoid equipment failure caused by excessive temperature.


At present, the cooling system of UV laser marking machine mainly includes water cooling, air cooling and water cooling and air cooling integrated system, among which water cooling is the most widely used, and its working principle is:


1. The chiller of the UV laser marking machine generally has a filter, which can effectively filter out the obvious particle impurities in the water, keep the pump cavity of the laser UV laser marking machine clean and prevent the possibility of water blocking.


2. The chiller uses pure water or deionized water, which is more conducive to the direct entry of the pump light source into the laser material, which can produce a better laser mode.


3. The chiller of the UV laser marking machine is generally equipped with a water pressure pressure gauge, which can clearly know what the water pressure in the laser waterway is.


4. The chiller adopts imported compressor, the water tank and water pump are made of stainless steel, and the heat transfer coil is also made of stainless steel, which can completely ensure the stable operation of the chiller, the cooling effect is very good, and the temperature accuracy can be within 1 °C. , the smaller the controlled temperature, the less the laser is affected by the temperature. Like the special domain laser marking machine chiller, the temperature control accuracy is ±0.3℃~±1℃.

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