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laser engraving machine is mostly used on uncoloured natural leather

Mar 26 , 2021

Leather is engraved to create a decorative design or patterns which are also known as motifs using a leather laser engraving machine. With the COlaser, images and inscriptions can be engraved  into a leather using a leather laser engraving machine. The laser machine is set to burn the upper layers of the leather so that the surface is dark but not deeply damaged. A leather laser engraving machine is mostly used on uncoloured natural leather, also on pigmented leather. On pigmented leathers, only the upper layer of the paint layer is burned.

To facilitate continuous colouring of the lasered surface, a film may be glued before the laser, which burns during the laser process. Before the film is peeled off, the leather can then be coloured in the process without colouring un-lasered areas.

The engraving that a leather laser engraving machine produces on your leather occurs when the infrared laser burns or evaporates the leather surface.  SInce a laser beam is contact free it leaves you with little to no tool wear or maintenance. In return it produces a much more precise and detailed sealed edge that often eliminates the need for post processing clean up.

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