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10w 15w high power uv laser industry supply and demand situation and product localization analysis

Jun 28 , 2022

10w 15w high power uv laser industry supply and demand situation and product localization analysis


Laser technology is widely used in the development of the national economy, involving industrial manufacturing, communications, information processing, medical and health, energy conservation and environmental protection, aerospace and other fields. Governments at all levels in my country attach great importance to the development of the laser industry, and have invested in the construction of "Optics Valley" and laser industrial parks in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other places.


Facing the major national needs, provide long-term support for major scientific issues in key core technologies. Focus on supporting artificial intelligence, network collaborative manufacturing, 3D printing and laser manufacturing, key basic materials, advanced electronic materials, structural and functional materials, manufacturing technologies and key components, cloud computing and big data, high-performance computing, broadband communications and new networks, In major fields such as earth observation and navigation, optoelectronic devices and integration, biological breeding, high-end medical devices, integrated circuits and microwave devices, and major scientific instruments and equipment, breakthroughs in key core technologies will be promoted.


Accelerate the research and development and application of remanufacturing old parts damage three-dimensional inversion system and plasma, laser, arc and other composite energy beam energy field automatic flexible remanufacturing and forming processing equipment. Encourage the application of high-tech remanufacturing technologies such as lasers and electron beams, provide specialized and personalized remanufacturing technical services for large electromechanical equipment, and cultivate a group of service-oriented high-end intelligent remanufacturing enterprises.

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Facing the urgent needs of strategic emerging industries such as aerospace, high-end equipment, electronic manufacturing, new energy, new materials, medical instruments, etc., realize the independent development of high-end industrial laser manufacturing equipment, form a complete industrial system of laser manufacturing, and promote the development of laser manufacturing technology in my country. Industrial upgrading has greatly enhanced the international competitiveness of my country's high-end laser manufacturing technology and equipment.


Build an additive manufacturing process technology research and development platform to improve the level of process technology. Develop and promote mainstream additive manufacturing process equipment driven by lasers, electron beams, ion beams and other energy sources. Accelerate the development of supporting core devices and embedded software systems such as high-power lasers, scanning galvanometers, dynamic focusing mirrors, and high-performance electron guns, improve the collaborative innovation capabilities of software and hardware, and establish a standard system for additive manufacturing. Vigorously promote the application of additive manufacturing technology in the fields of aerospace, medical equipment, transportation equipment, cultural creativity, and personalized manufacturing, and accelerate the development of the additive manufacturing service industry.


The "Advanced Manufacturing Technology" column points out that theoretical research on ultrafast pulse and ultra-high power laser manufacturing should be carried out, breakthroughs in key laser manufacturing technologies, and research and development of high-reliability and long-life laser core functional components, domestic advanced lasers, and high-end laser manufacturing process equipment. Develop advanced laser manufacturing application technology and equipment.


Nanosecond ultraviolet laser refers to a pulsed laser whose pulse duration is generally in the range of tens to hundreds of nanoseconds, and the output wavelength is ultraviolet. Nanosecond UV lasers have the characteristics of small thermal effect and good controllability, and are widely used in industrial fields.


  The "2021-2027 China Nanosecond Ultraviolet Laser Market In-depth Analysis and Industry Prospect Report" released by Zhiyan Consulting shows that in 2019, my country's ultraviolet laser shipments will be 19,000 units, of which nanosecond ultraviolet laser shipments will be 17,465 units, accounting for than 92%.


At present, domestic manufacturers are basically mature in nanosecond ultraviolet laser technology, and they have fully domesticated products within 20 W, and many performances such as power stability control are also relatively reliable. Most companies have a stable power of about 10 W, and some companies have a stable power of up to 20 W, such as Huari Laser. For nanosecond UV lasers, most domestic companies have a maximum power of about 20 W, but some companies can reach 30 W or even 40 W. Domestic nanosecond ultraviolet laser products are mainly concentrated below 10w, and products of 15w and above need to be imported from abroad. In 2019, the output of nanosecond ultraviolet lasers in my country was 17,465 units.


The price difference of nanosecond ultraviolet lasers with different powers is relatively significant. At present, the powers of nanosecond ultraviolet lasers that have been supplied on a large scale in the market are commonly 3W, 5W, 10W and 15W. The application fields are different, and the price difference is more significant. At present, domestic enterprises occupy most of the market share in the low-end and mid-end products of 10W and below. Foreign-funded enterprises with mid-to-high-end products above 15W still occupy a dominant position, and they still rely on imports to a certain extent, resulting in relatively high prices of imported products. In recent years The competitiveness of domestic enterprises has been significantly enhanced, and market competition has intensified, driving the price of imported products to continue to decline.


As the domestic manufacturing industry moves from traditional to high-end, domestic ultraviolet laser technology has completed a leap from almost blank to basically commercialized applications in the past few years. As far as nanosecond UV is concerned, most of the market below 10 W is occupied by domestic UV lasers. However, there is still a certain gap between medium and high power ultraviolet lasers and foreign countries, mainly in the aspects of high power pump source and pulse output. The market size of my country's nanosecond ultraviolet laser industry has grown rapidly, from 281 million yuan in 2014 to 1.343 billion yuan in 2019.


Nanosecond UV lasers have short-wavelength properties that allow "cold" processing of materials. Because of its advantages, it has been applied in various industries. Driven by the 3C application market, my country's nanosecond UV laser market has developed rapidly in recent years. In 2019, the market size of my country's nanosecond ultraviolet laser industry was 1.343 billion yuan, of which the domestic nanosecond ultraviolet laser was 947 million yuan; the imported nanosecond ultraviolet laser was 396 million yuan.

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