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355nm UV laser cutting machine felt cloth, with a clean cut edge

Jul 23 , 2021

355nm UV laser cutting machine felt cloth, with a clean cut edge


In winter, the cold wind is not only a challenge to fight against the cold, but also a challenge to the beauty of your hairstyle. You need a hat to help you look beautiful in the cold winter. Nowadays, Chinese hat-making companies have gradually changed from the production model of chasing the current explosive models with hindsight to the pursuit of characteristic high-end customized brand products. Because of its low production cost and non-contact cutting, laser cutting machines can achieve various The process of perforating, cutting and engraving hats of various materials such as leather, plush cloth, felt cloth, etc. has become a popular choice for felt cloth cutting and hat cutting, opening up a new way for personalized customized products.

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Even in winter, it can't stop the love of beauty, so modern and fashionable hats flock to them and become fashionable embellishments for people who wear it in winter. Although the shape of felt hats is simple, there is a felt hat laser cutting machine. After the addition of, there have been new qualitative changes in terms of lines, details or craftsmanship. The simple and monotonous felt cloth gives people a singular and boring feeling, but because of the addition of the felt cloth laser cutting machine, the hollow carving processing at the brim of the hat instantly realizes the gorgeous transformation of the felt cloth, adding a sense of design and fashion to the overall shape. When the felt laser cutting machine meets the woolen hat, they collide with wonderful beauty, smooth cutting patterns, smooth edges, and exquisite workmanship. The perfect details are displayed one by one, which enhances not only the quality but also the style.


Light up the new winter look, starting with the felt cloth laser cutting machine!


Felt cloth laser cutting and drilling

Felt cloth laser cutting machine


Felt cloth hat laser cutting machine is mainly used for: felt cloth hat cutting, leather cloth hat hollow carving, nylon hat cutting, straw hat cutting, hemp cloth hat punching and carving, yarn cotton and other materials hat cutting.

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