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Nanosecond UV laser cuts plush toys to reduce thermal damage

Jul 23 , 2021

Nanosecond UV laser cuts plush toys to reduce thermal damage


Plush toys are popular all over the world for their cute shapes and soft feel. They are loved by women and children. They are usually made of soft and comfortable fabrics, filled with fillers, which are highly artificial and greatly satisfy people's decorativeness. Practicality and other needs. However, do you know how to cut the plush toy fabric?


Soft toy laser cutting

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Commonly used fabrics for making plush toys on the market are: coral fleece, polar fleece, pv fleece (long plush, South Korean fleece), cashmere, rose fleece, hem fleece, straw fleece, sheared fleece, etc., traditional handcrafted Can no longer meet the high-efficiency and high-precision corporate requirements, plush toy laser cutting machines are gradually being cited and become a high-quality choice for toy cutting.


Laser cutting, through its non-contact processing method, guarantees the cutting accuracy of the fabric to a large extent. The plush toy laser cutting machine comes with automatic typesetting function, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the material, the cutting edge is neat, and the automatic seam is sewn. There is no need for post-locking process, which can increase production efficiency by 2-5 times. The operation is simple and easy to use. It can be equipped with automatic identification function, and automatically cut along the edge according to the pattern. The cutting is smooth, without burrs, and does not yellow. The product quality is higher and can be perfect. It can solve the problem of uneven cloth cutting and uneven cloth cutting caused by manual cutting or knife cutting.


The plush toy laser cutting machine is mainly used in: plush toy cutting, coral fleece fabric cutting, hollow cutting of various fabrics, etc.

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