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355nm UV laser marking mold is clear and fine

Jul 29 , 2021

355nm UV laser marking mold is clear and fine


The mold is a tool for the blank to become a part with a specific shape and size under various external forces. It is a tool for making molded articles. In various industrial productions, the mold product production industry has been booming, and it is in the market. To have great importance. Generally, the common molds on the market are usually divided into two categories: hardware molds and plastic molds. The application of laser in the mold industry is mainly in the surface marking and engraving of hardware and plastic molds, marking various characters, product information, and QR codes. Bar code, logo, pattern, production date, engraving scale, etc.


The printing, scribing, EDM and other processing methods used in the past have been gradually replaced by laser technology. The traditional processing technology will cause damage to the mold surface to a certain extent, and the later marking information is easy to fall off, which not only increases the production cost but also affects the product quality. With the advancement of science and technology, the laser technology has entered people’s field of vision. The laser uses the laser beam. It is irradiated to the surface of the object to form energy to achieve the effect of marking. Due to its non-contact processing method and the principle of laser energy application, it has a significant improvement in long-term corrosion resistance and accuracy. The mold laser marking machine has It is gradually promoted in the mold industry.

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The mold laser marking machine is not only clear and precise, but also cannot be erased or modified. This is very beneficial to the improvement of product quality and channel tracking, and can effectively prevent the circulation and sales of counterfeit and shoddy products to a large extent. Compared with traditional imprinting or jet marking methods, laser mold marking machines have a broader market at home and abroad.


◆ Wide application range, can engrave metal materials and some non-metal materials

◆ High precision, line width can be as small as 10μm, used for fine processing

◆ Simple operation and long life

◆ Beautiful marking effect improves product grade and added value

◆ No pollution, no consumables, energy saving and environmental protection

Metals, alloys and oxides, ABS, epoxy resins, inks, etc., are widely used in electronic components, electrical appliances, jewelry, glasses, hardware, auto parts, communication products, plastic buttons, integrated circuits (IC), sanitary ware, Measuring tools, clocks, watches, glasses, electrical appliances, electronic components, accessories, hardware tools, mobile phone communication parts, automobile and motorcycle accessories, plastic products, etc.

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