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355nm UV laser marking basketball permanent mark, high anti-counterfeiting

Jul 29 , 2021

355nm UV laser marking basketball permanent mark, high anti-counterfeiting


Basketball, people who don’t like it think that many people are madly grabbing a ball, boring and boring. People who like it are too "crazy" to extricate themselves, waving the flag and shouting, day and night carnivals are not enough to express their love for it. If you love ball, then You must not only love the athletic athletes, but also the basketballs with cool personality. On the surface of the basketball, different patterns and different words are marked. Each pattern is a story, a story about sweat and passion. The feeling of blood boiled over my face. However, how are these patterns engraved? Where's the one going up? Some people say that it is printed with traditional craftsmanship. Yes, traditional craftsmanship can be printed, but basketball laser marking machines can also do it, and can make it more exquisite.


Basketball laser marking

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At present, the materials of basketball are mainly divided into scalper leather, PU synthetic leather, PVC synthetic leather, and PU materials. Basketball is a kind of leather product. Usually we will choose CO2 laser marking machine. Basketball laser marking uses high-energy laser The beam of light irradiates the surface of the basketball to form energy and realizes the marking of the basketball surface. The various patterns and characters carved on the basketball make basketball enthusiasts love it even more!


Basketball surface marking


The text patterns marked by the laser marking process are not only beautiful, but also anti-corrosive and wear-resistant. Let time go by, let the spherical surface be damaged, but laser marking will last forever! Compared with traditional silk screen printing, basketball laser marking will not cause any damage to leather products when marking patterns on leather products, the engraving speed is faster, the effect is more accurate, and some more complicated patterns can also be easily marked. need.


Basketball laser marking machine


Basketball laser marking machine


◆ The processing speed is fast. Compared with the traditional technology, the basketball laser marking machine is more efficient in an instant.


◆ The processing precision is high, the basketball laser marking machine can be accurate to within a millimeter, the fineness is very high, and the marking pattern is clear.

◆ High corrosion resistance, permanent marking, high anti-counterfeiting


◆ The basketball surface laser marking machine is easy to operate, and it can be used after simple training without skilled engraving skills.


◆ The marking graphics are rich and diverse. The basketball surface laser marking machine is not limited by graphics, and can be customized for basketball personalized flowers and customized on demand.


Leather, greeting cards, wood materials, rubber, bamboo products, plexiglass, ceramic tiles, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, cloth, foam and other non-metallic materials.

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