3W,5W,10W uv laser

3W5W UV laser cuts seamless underwear without burrs

Jul 23 , 2021

3W5W UV laser cuts seamless underwear without burrs


In summer, many people prefer seamless underwear


Because of its soft, skin-friendly, smooth and delicate fabric


And because of her non-marking and non-protruding fabric characteristics


Can avoid the embarrassment of underwear in many cases


Meet the needs of most people


Become a popular choice for summer underwear

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Seamless underwear cutting and cutting


Whether it’s a woman in a dress


Or a man in suit pants


Whether it’s in sports and fitness


Still in leisure and entertainment


You all need a pair of underwear cut by a laser cutting machine


Avoid embarrassment while showing your figure


Seamless underwear cutting


Non-marking fabric is the first choice for summer fabrics


However, cutting non-marking fabrics,


You need such a machine-laser cutting machine


Laser cutting machine adopts non-contact cutting


No deformation, no focus


No burrs, no edges


Smooth cutting edges


Automatic seam without post-processing


Reduce processing technology


The details show the quality


It is a commonly used machine for seamless underwear cutting


Seamless underwear cut


Non-marking underwear, skin-friendly and close-fitting, no trace of nakedness


Therefore, the requirements for fabric cutting are higher


It must be tailored accurately and fit the skin


It also needs to have smooth edges and no raised stitches


Laser cutting machine can help you do it


It is a good partner for seamless underwear cutting.

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