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Application of 355nm Solid Ultraviolet Laser on Flexible Circuit Board

Dec 26 , 2020


The flexible circuit board is also called flexible circuit board and flexible circuit board, referred to as FPC. It is made of a flexible insulating substrate.




There are many advantages over ordinary hard resins:


1. Light weight and thin thickness to meet the needs of miniaturization and light weight of electronic products;


Second, high flexibility, limited space layout, can be arbitrarily assembled in three-dimensional space, in line with the trend of the integration of electronic circuit components.


Third, good heat dissipation, high bonding, can be combined with other hard materials to create a better rigidity to carry more components.


Therefore, FPC has been widely used in 3C electronics, mobile communications, aerospace, military and other fields or products.




In modern FPC processing, 355nm UV lasers are a common and very important advanced device. There are many applications, such as marking of micro-level QR codes, drilling within 50 μm, ultra-precision cutting of component patches, and removal of precision coil enamel cladding. Because of the inherent advantages of the "cold processing" model, various new applications of UV lasers emerge in an endless stream. In the future, it will also be integrated into various sub-sectors.


3W-15W solid ultraviolet laser


Solid-state UV lasers are the mainstream equipment for current UV laser processing. Many companies such as Yinggu, RFH, Beilin, Huari, Guoke Century, Laser Valley, Daozhongdao, Yingnuo, Zhuo Lei, Jiepu Te, Libo, etc. All have production. Among them, 3W-15W solid ultraviolet laser is more common.


It is well known that solid-state UV lasers require severe water cooling, and water temperature and water pressure fluctuate greatly, which leads to an increase in optical loss, which affects the service life of UV lasers and processing costs, especially for processing FPC materials. Therefore, the performance of UV chillers appears to be Particularly important.


The CWUL series of UV chillers produced by the special domain chiller have high temperature control precision, reasonable pipeline design, stable UV laser light output, thus prolonging the service life and helping users save costs. At the same time, the special field UV chiller has a variety of signal indication and alarm functions, intelligent monitoring of production operations; equipped with a heating rod, when the cooling water is lower than the set temperature value, the heating rod starts working, the chiller works normally, so that it can be protected UV solid state lasers work properly.


Special field UV chillers are produced in batch modular standards, strictly implement ISO production management system, and have CE, REACH and other environmental certifications. After the factory, they purchase product liability insurance, which is underwritten by insurance companies and guarantees two years of warranty.

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