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UV laser technology has penetrated into human production and life

Dec 26 , 2020

Since the birth of the laboratory in the middle of the last century, laser technology has penetrated into human production and life. Although laser cutting and welding in industrial manufacturing is often far beyond our horizons, we enjoy the benefits it brings all the time.


Laser welding technology


Fiber laser welding technology has been widely used in the automotive industry. As the safety requirements of the automotive industry continue to increase, fuel consumption/emission requirements increase, and vehicle performance requirements increase, laser technology is maximizing the development of automotive lightweighting.


Aluminum body welding


Transmission component welding




Power battery welding


High-power laser welding ensures the safety of the ship and further strengthens the hull structure.


Fincantieri, the world's top cruiser manufacturer, introduced IPG high-power fiber lasers at its shipyard in Monfalco, Italy.



In the field of aviation, laser seamless welding technology has also been widely used in the manufacture of aircraft engines. Laser seamless welding of aluminum alloy body replaces rivets and reduces the weight of the body.


The manufacture of the side wall, floor and bogie of the high-speed train also introduces laser welding technology, which improves the safety performance and greatly reduces the noise, providing a quiet and comfortable ride environment for passengers.



Fiber laser technology plays an important role in the oil and gas industry infrastructure, laser hybrid welding of outdoor large diameter pipes, significantly reducing costs and increasing productivity.



In recent years, the field of home appliance manufacturing has gradually introduced laser technology. In the past, the stainless steel inner barrel of the drum washing machine was used in the “clamping” manufacturing process. Nowadays, the laser seamless welding technology is adopted to avoid the gap and unevenness of the inner barrel, thereby improving the inner barrel. The reliability and refinement, the dehydration efficiency is greatly improved, the dehydration efficiency is greatly improved, and the power consumption is small and the time is saved.



In the field of biomedicine, fiber laser can process transparent polymer materials and is suitable for welding non-metallic materials in medical equipment. IPG fiber lasers successfully seamlessly soldered Eastman's new generation material, TritanTM, which is formulated with no bisphenol A and is specified for baby products in Europe and America.



Whether in the industrial manufacturing field, medical or entertainment industries, examples of "laser life changes" abound. This revolutionary development has brought about a significant improvement in people's quality of life.


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