3W,5W,10W uv laser

Compact Q-switched DPSS Lasers high-efficiency cut hollow candle holder

Sep 24 , 2021

Compact Q-switched DPSS Lasers high-efficiency cut hollow candle holder


Candlestick as an important lamp for the ancients

Its history has been developed for more than a thousand years

Even today when the lighting conditions are developed

Still an indispensable element of quality life

The candlestick is not only the pursuit of life sentiment

Or the warm presence that carries the light of one party

Laser hollow candle holder, light up the romance of the night


The laser cutting machine gives the candlestick the status of ambassador of sentiment


Make candlelight a wonderful pen to create an atmosphere

On those memorial days of special significance

Candlelight brings a quiet and agile chic atmosphere

Make your romantic creativity show to the fullest

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Pouring out from the laser hollow candlestick


Luxurious gold collides with quiet black

If there is no halo

Pouring out from the candle holder hollowed out by the laser

Like the sparkling Seine under the sun

The flickering candlelight greeted my eyes

Yingying and soft, warm people's hearts

Undulating lines, complex and exquisite patterns

Are all coordinated and integrated into this small candlestick

When the unique shape of the candlestick

Combines the aroma of scented candles

That kind of solemn and mysterious, or sweet and romantic feeling

Touch the mind easily

Leave room for unlimited reverie


RFH 532nm green laser


Some light is always needed in life

It may not be a beacon to guide you

But it can be a flavoring agent that makes life tasteful

The candlelight is lit and the candlelight is beating

Use laser hollow candlesticks to add romance to life

Create a beautiful life style

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