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UV laser source carved carpet pattern, small heat diffusion zone

Sep 24 , 2021

UV laser source carved carpet pattern, small heat diffusion zone


Carpet laser engraving adopts non-contact thermal processing, small thermal diffusion zone and good processing quality, so it is very suitable for cutting various fabrics of textile fibers. Wide range of processed fabrics, smooth cutting, no flash, automatic closing, no deformation, graphics can be output through the computer at will, no knife die, etc. It can also automatically typesetting, pattern-making, and copy-plate, which saves materials to the utmost extent, while eliminating manual pattern-making and other links, and optimizes production efficiency and production costs.


RFH UV laser will cut, perforate, and engrave

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In terms of craftsmanship, the laser integrates cutting, perforating, carving and other innovative craftsmanship, which greatly increases the value of product accessories. When cutting the leather car seat cover, it can also avoid the dead spots of the leather, thereby improving the cutting quality and reducing the waste of leather.


Carpet laser burning, patterns and texts can be customized


In addition to home use, carpets are also widely used in hotels, car interiors, elevators, offices and other areas. The birth of Sangong laser carpet laser engraving machine meets the needs of individualization and differentiation of carpets in different occasions and industries. Carpet laser burning, patterns and texts can be customized, just use the drawing software to draw the desired pattern, one-key operation, and even complex patterns can be easily engraved.

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