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Do compact dpss uv lasers need a chiller?

Jul 01 , 2022

Do compact dpss uv lasers need a chiller?


Does the UV laser marking machine need to be equipped with a chiller?


Yes, UV laser marking machines that need to be cooled by a chiller are all UV laser marking machines that need to be cooled by a chiller.

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A chiller is a water cooling device. The principle of the chiller is to first inject a certain amount of water into the inner water tank of the machine, cool the water through the refrigeration system, and then inject the cooling water into the equipment that needs to be cooled by the water pump in the machine. The high-temperature hot water is returned to the water tank for cooling again, so that the circulation is exchanged and cooled, which plays the role of cooling the equipment. The corresponding control device can control the operation of the compressor refrigeration system according to the set parameter requirements, so that the cooling water temperature of the equipment can be controlled within the specified range. For the stable operation of the equipment.

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