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The difference between water cooling and air cooling of uv-laser marking machine

Jul 01 , 2022

The difference between water cooling and air cooling of uv-laser marking machine


A necessary accessory for the laser marking machine is the cooling system. The cooling system can effectively avoid the damage of the accessories caused by the heat of the equipment. Usually, the cooling system has two types: water cooling and air cooling. Different types of laser marking machines are equipped with different cooling systems. , Optical fiber is generally equipped with air cooling, UV is equipped with water cooling, and CO2 air cooling is available, depending on the requirements of the configuration for the cooling system.


The difference between water cooling and air cooling

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Although these two have the effect of cooling and cooling, there are also differences. The cooling effect of water cooling is better than that of air cooling. Of course, the cost of water cooling is also relatively high. The marking machine generally adopts air cooling, and the cost is much lower than that of the UV laser marking machine. In addition, the water cooling machine is an independent equipment, so the equipment occupies more space, and the air cooling is generally installed directly on the marking machine. In the cabinet, it does not take up space and is small in size.


The chiller needs to be regularly maintained during its use. The water in the water tank should be replaced regularly to ensure that the water in the water tank is pure. It is recommended to use distilled water or pure water. There should be no sundries in the cooling water. Pay attention to laser marking when lighting up. Check whether the water in the return pipe of the machine flows smoothly.


Finally, whether it is a water-cooled or air-cooled laser marking machine, we must use it in accordance with the manufacturer's operating procedures. The quality of the marking and the stability of the equipment work are directly related to this.

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