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How an RFH 3-watt UV laser marks dates on food packaging

Dec 12 , 2023

How an RFH 3-watt UV laser marks dates on food packaging


RFH 3W UV laser, the best choice for date marking on food packaging!


Have you ever picked up a bag of groceries in the supermarket and saw that the production date on the packaging was unclear, or there was no date stamped at all? This situation not only makes consumers feel uneasy, but also brings potential risks to food safety. However, with the emergence of RFH 3-watt UV laser, this problem has been effectively solved



The RFH 3-watt UV laser is a high-tech laser marking equipment that uses high-energy UV laser beams to quickly scan the surface of an object to imprint information on packaging materials in an instant. Compared with traditional mechanical marking machines, UV laser marking machines have higher accuracy and longer service life. What's more, it can print permanent marks on a variety of materials, including food packaging.



Since the RFH 3-watt UV laser uses a non-contact marking method, it will not produce any mechanical pressure on food packaging and will not produce harmful substances. At the same time, due to its high-precision marking effect, the durability and clarity of the production date can be ensured. This not only allows consumers to easily check the production date, but also improves the traceability of food and provides a strong guarantee for food safety.




Of course, the application of RFH 3-watt UV laser is not limited to the field of food packaging. It can be widely used for marking and printing on various materials, including metal, plastic, glass, etc. Whether it is automotive parts, electronic components or medical equipment, UV laser marking machines can provide efficient, accurate and reliable marking solutions.


In summary, the RFH 3-watt UV laser is the best choice for date marking on food packaging. It not only improves the accuracy and durability of marking, but also ensures food safety and traceability. Let us look forward to more high-quality, safe food appearing in our lives!

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