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How to use a 10W UV laser engraving on acrylic glass

Dec 12 , 2023

How to use a 10W UV laser  engraving on acrylic glass


1. Prepare materials and tools

Before you start carving, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

- 10W UV laser

- Acrylic glass

- Engraving software

- Laser engraving machine

- Masks, goggles, gloves and other protective equipment


2. Install the laser

Install the 10W UV laser to the laser engraving machine and make sure the connection between the laser and the engraving machine is correct.



3. Open the engraving software

Start the engraving software and import the pattern or text you want to engrave. In the software, you can adjust the engraving parameters, such as engraving depth, engraving speed, etc.

4. Adjust laser parameters

Adjust the power, frequency and speed of the laser according to the thickness of the acrylic glass and the engraving effect requirements. Generally speaking, the thicker the acrylic glass, the greater the power required, and the frequency and speed can be appropriately reduced.


5. Positioning and fixing

Place the acrylic glass on the laser engraving machine's workbench and use the clamps to hold it in place. Make sure the acrylic glass does not move during the engraving process.


6. Turn on the laser

After setting the engraving parameters in the engraving software, turn on the laser. The laser starts working and carves the pattern or text you want on the acrylic glass according to the set parameters.


7. Complete the engraving

When the laser engraving is complete, turn off the laser and remove the acrylic glass from the workbench. Check the engraving effect. If you are satisfied, you can proceed to the next step, such as cutting, polishing, etc.


8. Processing of finished engravings

As needed, cut and polish the engraved acrylic glass to make it the shape and effect you want.


9. Safety precautions

During the engraving process, be sure to wear protective equipment such as masks, goggles, gloves, etc. to avoid laser damage to the eyes and skin. At the same time, keep the working environment clean and ventilated to avoid harmful gases produced by lasers from causing harm to the human body. Through the above steps, you can successfully use a 10W UV laser to engrave on acrylic glass. During operation, pay attention to safety and ensure that the engraving effect meets expectations.

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