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Is the higher the power of the UV laser marking machine, the better?

Oct 13 , 2021

Is the higher the power of the UV laser marking machine, the better?


Many people may still be unfamiliar with UV laser marking machines, so some questions and doubts often arise. Today, I will mainly explain the power problem of UV laser marking machines. Whether the greater the power, the better the calibration. Okay? Is the attack power up to standard effect not so good?


UV laser marking machine


So now let’s talk about this problem carefully. First of all, UV marking machine can be regarded as a smarter device in the current society, and it is still a lot thinner. It is a type of marking machine equipment that many families welcome. The price is It is also more expensive than other marking machines, mainly because it has a good effect and produces a relatively small light spot. At the same time, it can finely meet the standards according to the material. Generally, the original material will not be damaged, and It is very energy-saving and environmentally-friendly. The scope of use is also very wide. It is small in size, does not occupy space, and does not consume resources. These are her advantages. There are still many advantages that have not been mentioned, so I will not give examples one by one.


Ultraviolet laser marking machine has relative advantages


The UV laser marking machine also has relative advantages because it is very intelligent and uses a wide range of materials, including some metallic and non-metallic materials that can achieve marking functions. In addition, its power is roughly divided. There are 5 types, including 1.5 watts 3 watts, 5 watts 19 watts, and 15 watts. UV laser marking machines are used in the market. These powers will be used more, and relatively speaking, the higher the power, the higher the price. With the increase, it also indirectly shows that the higher the power, the better the marking effect will be.


The greater the power, the wider the range of use


The greater the power, the wider the range of use, so here is an obvious answer, but I have a small suggestion, if your economy allows, use 5 watts The equipment, because the 1.5 watt equipment, although the scalability is relatively high, and the holding space is also large, but there are still some performances that are not very good, compared with the ten watt and 15 watt equipment, the price is real, and it will be relatively compared It's expensive. If you are just new to the industry, I really don't recommend buying such an expensive one.

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The greater the power of the UV laser marking machine, the better the marking effect


However, there is no absolute saying that the greater the power of the UV laser marking machine, the better the marking effect, but the greater the power, the higher the cost, because the power consumption and other connections will also be larger. In addition, if the material uses three watts to achieve satisfactory results, the effect of no watts is the same, unless you really need a very fine and difficult-to-mark material, then buy a higher one.


That's it for the above introduction, I hope the content can be of some help to everyone, do you have a misunderstanding about the power of the marking machine?

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