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Why is the 5W UV laser marking machine used by many products?

Oct 13 , 2021

Why is the 5W UV laser marking machine used by many products?


Compared with the current developing society, many old products are constantly being replaced, and new products are gradually entering the public's field of vision. Xinlei Laser is currently in the marking machine industry, and the new machine is ultraviolet laser marking. Marking machine, and through investigation, it is a more popular marking machine at present. Then what is the reason for a new machine to be so praised?


355nm UV laser marking machine


First of all, because the UV laser marking machine has been improved in many functions, the problems of some marking machines used in the early stage have been carried out on this machine, which is a very effective change. A more common marking machine , When marking fonts and some patterns, these marks will be governed, and the words or patterns on the left and right sides will be automatically stretched, resulting in deformed patterns that will not look as good as the original ones. Products that meet the standard will also be relatively The effect is not clear, the UV laser marking machine is just like this. This method can make the pattern marked, which is clear and beautiful, and will not be deformed. Although the previous marking machine can be adjusted, it can be marked after adjustment. In addition to the more exquisite patterns, the efficiency will be greatly reduced, and it is not suitable for mass production and the operation of large factories.


Ultraviolet lasers have gradually become popular for processing in various industries


With the emergence of such a situation, the emergence of the ultraviolet laser marking machine directly saved such a phenomenon. Its application is also close to life. There is a trace of beauty and charm in the processing business. At the same time, it is also accompanied by ultraviolet laser components. It is close to people’s lives and is efficient in use. His focusing effect and wavelength length are very good. In addition, his current technology has become more mature and has gradually been popularized in processing in various industries. In the market, he mainly Commodities that meet the standard are generally plastic, as well as glass and some metal substances.


UV laser marking machine for cold processing


The UV laser marking machine is the opposite of many machines. Generally, heat treatment is performed. However, it is cold processed. It is transferred to the surface of the substance through a high-precision UV laser, and a chemical reaction is generated. The final effect is also exquisite, and the cost of the UV laser marking machine is relatively high now, but it does not consume a lot of materials, and it replaces many traditional marking machines very well.

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RFH 355NM UV laser


The above is some information about the UV laser marking machine, why it has developed to such a popular situation today, although the content is not very detailed, but it is also a detailed summary of some content, which can help everyone to understand it well. I hope that later I can give you some help, but this will also tell you that although the UV laser marking machine is better, the cost is relatively high!

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