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RFH 355 UV laser high-precision marking HUAWEI Mate 40 mobile phone case

Jun 17 , 2021

RFH 355 UV laser high-precision marking HUAWEI Mate 40 mobile phone case

RFH 3W5W UV laser marking Huawei mobile phone case is extraordinary

The powerful RFH nanosecond ultraviolet laser is used for the mobile phone case, and the pattern is not blurred


The function of the phone case is not only to protect the hardware inside the phone from harm, but also to make the appearance and shape of the phone more beautiful, and it can also show the user's high-end taste. In addition, the other role played by the phone case is to provide users with more information about the brand and model, and so on.


With the launch of HUAWEI Mate 40, many mobile phone case manufacturers have also stepped up production of HUAWEI Mate 40 mobile phone cases. Our company has received inquiries from Zhejiang customers as to which laser should be used for marking mobile phone cases. Recommend 355 series ultraviolet laser.


The HUAWEI Mate 40 mobile phone case with RFH 355 series UV laser for marking can make the text and patterns on the case show a clearer state, and prevent these signs from being flattened by the user's mobile phone constantly rubbing and oxidizing. Or become fuzzy, to ensure the long-term use to the greatest extent, so that the performance and value of the mobile phone case have the greatest guarantee, and the cost is minimized.

RFH 355 series UV lasers are coming


If you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. It can be said that high-quality processing UV lasers for mobile phone shells are indispensable, but if you want to have a solid-state UV laser that is cost-effective, stable in quality, and convenient to operate, it is more rare. A good processing equipment will provide more help for the high-quality production of the HUAWEI Mate 40 mobile phone case and continuous personalized innovation.

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      RFH Laser has devoted 13 years of research and development, and continues to provide the market with lasers with stable power, high integration, excellent beam quality, long life, high speed and high precision. The cost-effective S9 series of UV lasers developed through continuous innovation have achieved a high accuracy of ±0.02mm, while being smaller and more stable, and can be efficiently used in various flying marking equipment fields.

The S9 ultraviolet laser is not only compact, but also has a more stable cavity structure and stronger scalability than similar products. The same cavity can produce lasers of different powers, and the stability of different power ranges is greatly improved. Its appearance is small and exquisite, its performance is precise and stable, its advantages are outstanding, and it has been widely praised by experts.


RFH Laser is committed to the development and application of high-end laser technology, and continues to provide the market with lasers with stable power, high integration, excellent beam quality, long life, high speed and high precision. Products are widely used in rapid prototyping, surface removal, precision marking, precision drilling, precision cutting, precision welding, laser medical and other processing fields. They are very suitable for 3D printing, electronic circuits, packaging and printing, solar energy, lithium batteries, automobiles Manufacturing and processing in industry, jewelry, semiconductor microelectronics, panel display and other fields.

People-oriented R&D, quality service first

The development of science and technology is based on people. Starting from reality, RFH laser can become the industry's leading high-end solid-state laser manufacturing company. It is inseparable from the dedicated and deep research and development of many senior technical teams in the past 13 years. We keep in mind that everything is thinking from practical applications and from human nature. In order to obtain the processing tool that is closest to production, suitable for production, and assisting production, only by considering the perspective of chemistry.


Really achieve the goal of thinking what customers think and solving all problems for users. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of the first corporate philosophy, RFH laser starts from the procurement of raw materials to carry out checks at various levels, truly ensuring that the entire production process of the factory products has rules to follow, there are standards to follow, and the product quality is stable and reliable.

At the same time, by building a strong after-sales network, we can effectively solve all the questions users have in the process of installation and use to ensure the continuity of high-quality production and processing. It is the common goal and purpose of RFH people to output better quality and higher stability solid-state lasers for customers wholeheartedly.

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