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RFH 355nm UV Laser Customized Personalized Children's Gift

Jun 18 , 2021

RFH 355nm UV Laser Customized Personalized Children's Gift


Children's smart watch (3C digital laser marking)

To give a child a special gift, it can be a toy with the child’s name or a smart watch for children. Laser technology has been widely used in 3C digital applications. High efficiency, zero pollution, and non-fading are the advantages of laser technology. Laser marking or micro-processing can not only be personalized, but also ensure safety.


Gift 2: Crafts (application of laser 3D inner carving)

Crystal internal carving is the strong point of laser. The exterior is smooth and seamless, and beautiful patterns can be formed inside. Both three-dimensional and flat patterns can be carved into the crystal glass to make very beautiful crafts. Through the laser engraving process, giving a special gift to the child is sometimes as simple as expressing one's heart.


Gift 3: Customized gifts (laser marking)

Exclusively customize a child’s holiday gift, laser print the child’s name or blessings to the child, become a portable companion, refuse to be the same, fine laser engraving can make the blessings lasting and become the most special decoration.


RFH's new product S9 helps "June 1 Children's Day", expresses feelings and communicates more smoothly


UV laser marking video



S9 series UV laser

Customize your "Children's Day" gift

Smaller size

Higher precision

Higher stability

Greatly reduce costs and save space

Easy to use in full numerical control mode.

Better product quality

Stable control system and efficient engraving process

Automated operation process, easy to get started and easy to operate

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