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Russia customer buy 1 unit of 355 nm solid-state dpss laser marking scale for test

Dec 08 , 2022

355 nm solid-state dpss laser marking scale

Glass scribing by Green laser 532nm

What is scale? Scale is a general term for the marks engraved on measuring instruments and instruments to indicate the magnitude of the magnitude and these marks. In daily life, scales can be seen everywhere on tape measures, rulers, dials, measuring cups, measuring cylinders and even baby bottles, which are used to measure the length, width and height of objects and the capacity of liquids.


The application of scale has been deeply integrated into every aspect of life. The marking method of the scale has also changed with the development of society, from inkjet printing to the more efficient and energy-saving laser marking method.



The principle of laser marking scale is to use high-energy-density laser beam to act on the local area of the surface layer of the measuring tool through the optical components such as galvanometer and objective lens, and make it vaporize to "burn" part of the material, showing the desired pattern and text , barcode and other marking information, or "engraving" traces due to color changes.


The main advantages of laser marking scale are: first, the operation is flexible and simple, and the style of the scale is designed through the marking software on the PC side to match the size of the marked object; It is more environmentally friendly; the third is that the diameter of the laser beam is small, the marked lines are finer, and the scale value is more accurate, and the depth of the mark is controlled by adjusting the focal length and energy; the fourth is that the scale marks obtained by laser marking are permanent and not easy to wear. It will not become blurred over time, which plays an important role in the scale of some deep application scenarios.


However, the materials of objects that require laser marking are different. For example, rulers are mostly plastic, tape measures are mostly metal + surface spray paint, measuring cylinders are mostly glass, and baby bottles are both plastic and peeling. Among the mainstream lasers used for marking today, infrared lasers mainly achieve the purpose of marking through thermal ablation, but this method has a large thermal effect, and many plastic markings will generate a lot of heat when they encounter strong heat. reaction, resulting in scorching and other phenomena, the marking effect is not obvious. So, is there a laser that is "compatible" with most of the above materials?


355 nm solid-state dpss laser, the output laser wavelength is short, single photon energy is high, most materials have a high absorption rate at 355nm wavelength, the heat effect is small during marking, often called cold processing, marking heat-sensitive materials It has more obvious advantages, and can make up for the defects of poor processing effect of infrared laser marking widely used at present.


Expert III 355 Ultra-Stable Nanosecond UV Laser 10W12W15W: https://www.rfhtech.com/expert-iii-355-ultra-stable-nanosecond-uv-laser-10w12w15w_p13.html 


At the same time, its beam quality is good (M2<1.2), and the diameter of the focused spot is very small, reaching the order of microns (equivalent to 1/4~1/6 of the diameter of a hair), so it can be accurately Very high-precision marking, such as marking high-precision measuring tools such as vernier calipers. Therefore, in addition to being used for marking, 355 nm solid-state dpss laser is often used for engraving in the field of fine micromachining, or for marking more complex and smaller-sized graphic information, showing a strong market application prospect .

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