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Singapore customer purchase ultraviolet 355nm dpss Laser source cutting alumina ceramic substrate

Dec 08 , 2022

Ultraviolet 355nm dpss Laser source cutting alumina ceramic substrate

In the production of printed circuit boards, the substrate mainly plays the role of mechanical support protection and electrical interconnection (insulation). Alumina ceramics are one of the most popular substrate materials due to their heat resistance, high mechanical strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, low dielectric loss, smooth surface and low porosity.

ceramice engraving with 355nm UV laser

Alumina ceramics is a ceramic material mainly composed of alumina (Al2O3), and alumina ceramic substrates can also be called ceramic wafers. Due to the hard and brittle characteristics of alumina ceramics and the development of electronic packaging technology in the direction of miniaturization and high density, the cutting requirements for substrate materials are getting higher and higher.


With the development of laser technology, lasers have also appeared in the process of cutting alumina ceramic substrates. Compared with traditional waterjet cutting and mechanical cutting methods, the important advantage of laser cutting is that it avoids the cost and long cycle of manufacturing molds, and has high efficiency, better flexibility, less edge chipping, and more consistent processing results in the same batch . At the same time, the non-contact processing of laser cutting can avoid the damage of external mechanical stress to the material, and also solve the flaws of the traditional cutting process.



Ultraviolet 355nm dpss Laser source for non-contact "cold" processing of alumina ceramic substrates. When the 355nm ultraviolet light is highly focused and acts on the local surface of the substrate, the surface material quickly absorbs heat energy, causing the temperature to rise sharply, melt and vaporize, and with the help of auxiliary gas blowing, the effect of removing the surface material of the material is achieved. Then, the optical path is set in the cutting path The guided kerf is gradually formed over time, and then the section is formed, and the cut is finally completed. Due to the high single-photon energy of 355nm ultraviolet light, most materials have a higher absorption peak at 355nm wavelength, coupled with the small pulse width (about 25ns), the whole process has a small thermal effect and a small HAZ range, so it is called cold processing, thus Obtain the processing effect with higher cutting surface quality and high yield rate.



In addition, the ultraviolet 355nm dpss Laser source also has the characteristics of excellent beam quality (M2<1.2), good focus, and the diameter of the focused spot is on the order of microns. When cutting alumina ceramic substrates, the kerf is small, which can save raw materials and further Reduce costs for enterprises. Moreover, according to different shape requirements, high-speed cutting can be carried out after outputting the drawing through the computer, so as to increase the production output.


Expert III 355 Ultra-Stable Nanosecond UV Laser 10W12W15W: https://www.rfhtech.com/expert-iii-355-ultra-stable-nanosecond-uv-laser-10w12w15w_p13.html 


It is worth mentioning that the ultraviolet 355nm dpss Laser source is also applicable to the subsequent drilling process of the alumina ceramic substrate. Through the setting of process parameters, the substrate material can be processed point-by-point, line-by-line and layer-by-layer with high controllability. It can process through holes or blind holes with different apertures, or other graphics such as square holes. The taper is controllable and flexible. Strong performance, fast speed, high precision and good stability.

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